The Hollow Bank

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The Hollow Bank

Post by MajorMullock on Sat Nov 05, 2016 4:31 pm

We've nearly got our Bank up and running on the server.

When it's ready to go, you'll be able to store things in the bank for safe keeping.

How it will work is regular players will be able to store up to 3 slots of gear, whilst those that become either a DONATOR or VIP will have access to either 15 or 30 slots in the bank for safe keeping. To deposit items, simply head to the bank and talk to one of our lovely bank tellers. There is no PvP in the Bank, so you'll feel safe at The Hollow Bank (Further rules to follow soon).

Regular Player - 3 Slots
Donator - 15 Slots
VIP - 30 Slots

This does NOT carry over between wipes.

This is subject to change without warning as I look to keep the server as balanced as possible.


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