Devblog 133

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Devblog 133

Post by MajorMullock on Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:23 pm

The latest Devblog is now available to view online (27 October 2016 by Craig Pearson).

The breakdown on the latest updates are as follows:

  • Environment volumes now eliminate ambient light when underground
  • Eliminated UI canvas overhead from grass displacement camera
  • Converted some component getters to pooled lists (less GC)
  • Stripped deployable component from entity instances (reduced memory usage)
  • Removed client missing gib warning when not running in dev mode
  • Removed server building privilege warning when not running in dev mode
  • Muzzle Brake has less of a aimcone penalty
  • Fixed skin lighting related issues
  • Added opacity anti-aliasing to grass when TSSAA is enabled
  • Improved LR300 iron sights
  • All Pistols have drastically reduced draw time
  • Improved bolt action animations
  • Added map worldmodel + LODS
  • Now drops map model
  • Planner/map player anims

To view, visit:

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