Devblog 131

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Devblog 131

Post by MajorMullock on Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:17 pm

The latest Devblog is now available to view online (13 October 2016 by Craig Pearson)

The breakdown on the latest updates are as follows:

  • Updated bota bag vm anims
  • Fixed certain entities sending network updates before they were spawned
  • Held entities always destroy immediately (stop following pooled / destroyed parents)
  • Fixed pumpkin not shown on player after initial use
  • Added mesh renderer support to player clothes pooling
  • Added find_entity / find_id / find_group / find_parent admin commands
  • Fixed players motion blur visible behind walls (regression)
  • Fixed moon rendering black to reflection probe
  • Fixed moon darkening when closer to the horizon
  • Fixed foliage displacement missing some spots (wip)
  • MP5 Added
  • LR300 Craftable
  • Silencer sound range reduced to 40m (was 100)
  • Silencer now hides tracers

To view, visit:

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